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5 starter tips to build your brand and create sales leads on LinkedIn for your company

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

With over 810 million active users in 2022, LinkedIn is the ‘go to’ place for professionals to network online. Most of us sign up to ‘be there’, to look for a job, to stay in touch with old colleagues, to build our network.

But for many B2B marketers, it has gone far beyond just building an organic network. LinkedIn is now a major part of their marketing focus.

So what simple first steps can you take to use LinkedIn to drive growth for your business? (We’ll get more sophisticated in future blogs but here are some starting tips).

1. Communicate your real value (at a glance)

Create a company profile that engages. Completed LinkedIn pages get 30% more views. Explain what your company offers and who benefits from your product or service. It doesn’t have to be long but make each word count.

2. Publish content that really helps your target reader

Avoid corporate waffle. People on LinkedIn want to be spoken to like people and they like seeing content that helps them. Tell stories and share insights with a personal touch. (I could tell you at this point that I’m writing this with a purring cat sitting on my lap…… see photo above). There’s the personal touch!

3. Be consistent, be visual

Don’t over publish especially if you have nothing new to say. BUT regularity is important. Update your content and publish frequently. Respond to blogs from other companies and react to relevant industry developments. Stay close to what’s trending in your sector and your brand will get noticed. And by the way, take time to create a consistent visual look to how you present your company in banners, photography etc. Take time to get that right and you will get recognized much more easily.

4. Connect and build relationships

It’s called a social network for a reason. Don’t bark at people or lecture on your favourite pet-topic. Use LinkedIn to intelligently connect with other businesses, individuals and thought leaders with your ideas and also by listening and responding to theirs in a thoughtful, professional way. Be positive and build the conversations.

5. Keep an eye on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog

Stay informed. The LinkedIn Marketing Blog is updated regularly with in-depth advice, updates, new features and effective marketing on LinkedIn.

And if you would like some professional support please get in touch with us. Check us out at DMA Partners if you’re looking for extra strategy, creative, design, writing or content support for LinkedIn.

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