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5 top tips for creating a standout podcast

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

So you’ve decided to create a podcast to support your marketing efforts. Now the hard work begins!

To help, here are five top tips based on extensive conversations with marketing professionals over the last few months on what it takes to make a standout podcast.

1. Get your content idea and angle clear

People want to both learn and be entertained when they listen to podcasts. You need to provide original content with creative communication. What’s your basic idea? What’s your angle?

Think carefully about your content and how it will spread over many podcasts to come. Does the idea have legs? The best ideas are often the simplest. Make sure the subject is of interest to your audience but start with subjects that motivate you too. Passion is contagious.

2. Choose the right people to participate

If you want to build an audience within your chosen niche, make sure you invite speakers/interviewees/contributors that bring energy and valuable insights to the table.

What do they have to say? Are they good communicators? Are they experts? Are you choosing people from inside your organisation or outside?

Your podcast should not be a sales pitch or merely a presentation of your company’s key people. Even if the topic is interesting, podcasts can fall flat with the wrong guests.

3. Aim for quality production

High-quality production is vital for a successful podcast. Invest in the right recording equipment and make sure you know how to use it. There is a lot of online guidance available on microphones and the optimum technical conditions for recording. Take time to get it right, - no-one wants to listen to podcasts that sound like they’ve been recorded in a railway tunnel.

And learn to love the editing process. Edits are necessary to cut what doesn’t work and to sharpen the podcast.

4. Prepare in advance

Sounds obvious right? Surprising therefore that so many people just ‘turn up and see what happens’. That may work for broadcasting industry pros who have decades of experience but for most of us it doesn’t.

Make sure you know what you are there to talk about. Don’t allow drift in the topic to occur. Podcasting doesn’t just mean chit-chat – make sure that you are clear on your narrative. If it’s Q&As, sure there can be some flexibility but stick to the subject. Keep the conversation moving, avoid unnecessary repetition. Your listeners are there for a reason. Don’t lose sight of that reason.

5. Keep it up!!

Just like joining gyms in January, starting a podcast series is easy. Keeping it going is tough – it requires a lot of organisation and the content ideas have to keep flowing. You will find it easier if you make a schedule and plan many weeks and months ahead.

Build a content pipeline and promote it through all of your marketing channels to build momentum. You will have podcasts that work better than others. That’s fine as it’s all part of the learning process. Listen to what people say. You may love your ideas and content – take time to make sure that your listeners do too.

There are many more vital ingredients to successful podcasting. These are just five basic tips.

For more specific advice and support on your project, get in touch with DMA Partners.

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