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5 travel podcasts every travel professional should follow

With a growing number of key decision-makers claiming they listen to podcasts regularly, it's been claimed that we're entering the "Golden Age of Podcasts".

As a large proportion of our clients are in the travel industry, we enjoy tuning into the following podcasts to stay up to speed with the latest news and trends.

1. The Skift Podcast

Skift editors sit down with creatives, executives and entrepreneurs from across the travel industry to discuss their insights and perspectives on the how and why of travellers’ habits, industry patterns and the seismic changes happening to each.

Listen at:

2. Skift Airline Weekly Lounge The editors of Skift Airline Weekly discuss the most interesting developments within the commercial airline industry. In keeping with Skift Airline Weekly’s style, conversation generally centres on one question: How do you make money in this industry?

Listen at:

3. Travel Geniuses - Podcast for Travel Agents

The Travel Geniuses podcast is a podcast for travel agents who LOVE planning vacations for their clients but wish the business side of things was a little easier.

Listen at:

4. The View from 30,000 ft.

PROS sits down with airline industry experts to discuss the evolution of the industry, what makes different airlines unique, what it’s like to be a leading woman in a male-dominated industry, and much more! It’s a never-ending journey!

Listen at:

5. Talking Points

Join Brian Kelly, The Points Guy, as he sits down with people who are changing the way we travel. Each week, you’ll get exclusive interviews from Brian with top executives in the travel industry, influencers and TPG staff. Hear insights and glean tips into your favourite loyalty programs, pick up on the latest travel trends and become a smarter and more in-tune traveller along the way.

Listen at:

Do you tune into any of these podcasts? If you have any recommendations we'd love to hear those too!


Are you interested in launching a podcast for your travel business? Get in touch with Philip Martin to discover how DMA Partners can help you get started:

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