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3 tips to make your video engaging


Jack: Where to, Miss?

Rose: To the stars...

What emotions would you like to trigger with your audience? Where would you like to transport them with your video? Titanic's protagonist Rose Dawson has the answer; to the stars...  to a place where they can focus on your piece of work and forget about everything else even if it's just for a few minutes. It doesn't matter if you are working on a corporate, a product, or an advertising video. It's possible to engage your audience as long as you pay attention to some key points:

1. Define your target audience and make your content relevant and interesting for them.

It's not advisable to try to please everybody, dedicate your efforts in finding out what your target audience's aspirations and concerns are. Titanic might not be the best film ever for a tough middle-aged boxer. But for those sensitive romantic people who enjoy love stories, this film has become a cinematographic historical phenomenon.

2. Stimulate your audience's senses.

Delight them with visually catching images and create a captivating atmosphere. Picking the right voiceover or music for your video can make a great difference. Almost twenty years after Titanic was released we still remember its well-known Oscar-winning soundtrack. (I bet you are humming “My heart will go on” as you read this).

3.  Conclude your video at the right time, with a memorable inspiring ending.

Leave a good impression with your spectators, it’s what will remain fixed in their memory. The appropriate length of a video is determined by the content and the context. Do Titanic fans consider this three-hour film to be long or tiresome? Probably not, and that's because it meets the criteria explained in this post: (a) it has an interesting, attractive script for its target audience, (b) it's evocative for the senses and (c) it has a touching ending.

Best of luck for your future videos and remember what Jack told Rose: 'Never let go...'.

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