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High impact video and website refresh for ethical fintech startup

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Social activism and crowdfunding are together powering a new age in investment. Investors from all backgrounds and age groups are realising the significant impact that their investment choices can have on both human and environment related issues. Leveraging these megatrends is Cofndrs, an all-new investment platform that offers people a simple way to invest in ethical, sustainable businesses.

As a unique, trailblazing startup entering a competitive market, Cofndrs were looking to raise awareness of their brand to increase their pitch success to potential investors.

With a short timeframe before an upcoming pitch, Cofndrs asked DMA Partners to help produce an explainer video that would communicate their value and service clearly to potential investors. Working remotely, we guided the recording process, providing tips on tone of voice, lighting, sound quality and recording. We wrote and edited a new script as well as all post-production, adding animations and clips to create the inspirational, tone that Cofndrs were looking for.

Delighted with the outcome, Cofndrs also asked us to refresh their website. We streamlined the content, getting to the heart of their service and created a fresher look which clearly outlined their value.

You can access the full case study below

DMA Partners Case Study - Cofndrs
Download PDF • 644KB

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