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Do Business Cards Still Matter in the Digital Age?

“The business card is dead. Long live the business card!”

In the digital age, there’s a fierce battle going on between those who believe that business cards are no longer relevant and those who believe they’ll always be an important weapon in a great businessperson’s arsenal.

So which side of the battle are we on? We’re firm believers that the business card is here to stay and in fact, may actually be more relevant than ever!

The power of the physical memento

Have you ever made a great connection with someone at a business event, only to realise in horror 24 hours later that you can’t remember their name? If so, you’re not alone!

Today, we forge more connections with people than ever before, so it can be difficult to keep track of everyone we come into contact with.

This is where the humble business card can work its magic! In the scenario outlined above, if you had exchanged business cards at the event then you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting names or scribbling down a misspelt name. It’s the perfect physical memento of the first contact!

A handy little tip we have is to write some notes on the business cards you collect about the person you met when you met them so that when the time comes to follow up with them, you’re well-prepared.

Rise to the top of the stack

Business cards can also help you stand out from the crowd if they are designed in a way that makes them truly unique.

You need something with a “wow” factor that will make all the difference between someone contacting you and your competition.

Read on for some creative ideas to make sure your business card sits at the top of the stack.


In almost every case, the first thing people will notice about your business card is the material that it is created with.

Did you know that some people actually claim to take people with flimsy business cards less seriously? To avoid this, we recommend using high-quality, thick card stock. You can also add a bit of flair to thick cards with metallic foil, layered and embossed elements and a glossy finish.

Or, if you have a larger budget to play with, why not branch out with some of these even more creative business card materials?

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Cotton

  • Silk

Shape and Layout

While most business cards are rectangular and 3.5 x 2 inches, there are no hard and fast rules to state that you can’t break the mould!

In fact, with die-cuts, your business card can come in almost any shape you can imagine. If your business is an energy company, you could have a light bulb shape to make your card more memorable. Similarly, if your business is in the environmental sector, a tree or leaf shape would certainly get people talking.

If the thought of using a different shape is a bit too quirky for your brand, you might consider a more subtle shape alteration, such as rounded corners or shaped cut-out elements within the business card.

Traditionally, business cards are designed in landscape format but recently we’ve witnessed the rise of portrait-style business cards. This is also something you could consider to make a more impactful impression without straying too far away from the norm.


Did you know that a coloured card typically lasts 10x longer than the standard white card?

With this in mind, it’s worth creating a card using one of the bolder colours from your brand’s colour palette.

If your brand isn’t the most colourful, take a look at our guide to colour psychology to help you select the perfect colour for your business cards.

Digital Elements

The business cards of today can work a lot harder for us than the business cards of the past. This evolution is another reason why we believe that business cards are alive and well!

Thanks to innovations like QR codes and shortened URLs, you can connect the online and offline worlds seamlessly, simply by adding these simple elements to your business card.

For example, you could use a QR code to link people to your website, a PDF, a video presentation, an audio file or any other element that would bring value to your newly forged business contact. The possibilities are endless!


Do your business cards pack a punch, or do they need an upgrade for the digital age?

Get in touch with Philip Martin to discover how DMA Partners can help:

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