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Five B2B video marketing trends that should be on your radar

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Since most countries went into lockdown it is estimated that people will spend a whopping 100 minutes per-day watching online videos! Not surprising as most contact shifts itself to the 'net', narrowing the channels with which to communicate.

With this phenomenal figure set to rise dramatically year on year, it's important that your brand should ensure that compelling video content becomes a key component of your marketing strategy over the next few months.

To help you get into the swing, we’ve outlined some of the most popular video marketing trends to inspire your strategy.

1. Audio Waveform or Podcasts to you

Right now, we’re in the golden age of podcasting with Michelle Obama launching her much anticipated podcast this week (30 July). Numerous B2B brands are going all-in on this trend by launching their own branded podcasts. While this may seem like a strange thing to mention in an article on video marketing, hear us out…

Most of us have been 'zoomed' out recently with the online team calls, client meetings and webinars, oh the webinars! If you had told me I'd be spending 5-6 hours on webinars a week I would have laughed in your face. Well who's laughing now?

The great thing about podcasts is that the speakers can be natural without having to worry about what books they have on their shelves, or making sure the door is boarded up to keep the kids at bay. Podcasts provide an intimate message one on one with the listener. If you throw in a snappy jingle too and keep it lively with a few guests you may just create a new audience. It's well worth a go, there's some great software out there to help you record locally and it's worth investing in a really good mic too.

2. Personalised Videos

If you’re looking to improve the quality of the leads you generate from your video marketing efforts, then it’s well worth exploring personalised videos.

Personalised videos allow your business to provide unique video experiences for customers with the right message at the right moment. As such, they’re most often used in email marketing campaigns.

As this is slightly more complex to facilitate, jumping on this trend now means you’ll be more likely to reap the early adopter benefits.

For some fantastic examples of personalised videos, check out this post by Vidyard.

3. Soundless Videos

Were you aware that 92% of consumers watch video with the sound off when using their mobile phones?

As a result, captions have now become a necessary requirement to allow audiences to consume videos when they are in situations where they'd prefer to be silent.

Looking for an example? Check out this product explainer video we did for Traveknowledgy.

4. 360-Degree Video

As AR and VR technologies continue to advance and become more mainstream, we can expect to see more 360 video activity in the B2B arena.

If you want your video marketing to stand out from the crowd, then this is certainly an avenue to invest in, since 98% of consumers agree that 360 videos are the most exciting video format.

Here are some potential B2B 360-degree video use cases to explore:

  • Product demonstrations

  • Showroom walkthroughs

  • Virtual event attendance

  • Practical training

5. Multi-Size Video

In our digitally-moving world, the chances are that people will come into contact with your video content in a variety of ways - from their mobile phones to desktop computers.

As a result, marketers need to ensure their videos are the optimal size for where they are located. For example:

  • Vertical format for mobile and social media

  • Horizontal format for desktop and websites

Extra considerations thus should be taken at the video production stage to ensure that your video can easily be edited to work well across multiple formats and sizes.


Could your business benefit from a boosted video marketing strategy? Take a look at our showreel here

Get in touch with Philip Martin to discover how DMA Partners can help you capitalise on this year’s top B2B video marketing trends:

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