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Getting to know: Georgia Walker, Director of Client Services at DMA Partners

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

1) You’ve been at DMA for the past 6 years, are there any skills you’ve learned along the way that you’ve taken on board in your everyday life?

Definitely! Projects with B2B tech companies tend to be fast-paced and very technical, so it’s important to be able to respond swiftly and really understand the nuances of the brief right from the start, to quickly synthesize the key information and deliver a standout creative proposal, - all on time and budget of course!

At the same time, we need to keep sight of the bigger picture, so we can “connect the dots” between this project, the Customer’s wider company objectives and also draw on expertise from other campaigns we’ve worked on so that the end result is high impact and results-focused.

Finally, and probably most importantly in a Creative + Communication agency (!), the ability to communicate effectively is key – both externally with the Customer and within the DMA team, so that everyone is working together and adding their best value at every stage of the process.

2) What part of your role is the most rewarding?

Hearing the customer’s positive feedback of course! :) When we present the initial creative concepts and also at the end of the project once everything’s been delivered - it’s great to see the client’s positive response first-hand, knowing the new communication will make a difference and help their business on its growth journey.

I also really enjoy the entire creative process – from the Customer explaining their biggest challenges to seeing how the design team interprets the brief and develops compelling creative concepts… It’s a mix of completely different perspectives and I’m always amazed at how design can really transform an idea and bring the communication to life.

3) Have you picked up any new interests or hobbies this year?

I’m always looking to broaden my horizons, and last year I joined an acapella choir in Madrid where we recently started learning the methodology of “soundpainting” – think guided improvised singing! The feeling of harmonising with a group I meet once a week and testing new sounds “in real time” is scary but also very inspiring. I also started learning Arabic as a personal challenge, - to see language from (literally) the opposite perspective and practice a new way of thinking has been very eye opening.

4) What book would you recommend to someone who is looking to gain a new perspective?

Where to start! The one that stands out is Atomic Habits by James Clear. Every chapter revealed new ideas that stayed with me – in particular, this book made me rethink my understanding of progress and what’s needed to build small habits that, over time, combine to create longstanding change. Clear also advocates “living life in the moment” and rather than creating endless lists and waiting for the achievement of the goal itself (which is only fleeting), we should learn to enjoy the process and create a positive lifestyle system in order to maximise happiness.

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