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Getting to know: Jorge Hernández, Senior Communication Designer at DMA Partners

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Jorge Hernández is a Senior Communication Designer and has been with DMA Partners right from the start. He’s been a big part of our success over the years with a brilliant talent for the visual and giving work that vital ‘stand-out’ quality.

1) How did you get into design and communication?

I imagine that like many other people who work in something vocational; you start out helping your grandmother in the kitchen and you end up loving cooking. In my case, I really liked drawing and making things. It came naturally to me.

2) How has the world of design and communication changed during your career?

20 years is not long, but it’s been long enough for major change! Technology now allows you to do more in less time. The work process itself is simpler as more and more parts are already “pre-cooked”. Tech has done that, making design more accessible. No industry escapes this reality today and our sector is no exception.

3) How can brands really stand out in such saturated communication environments?

That hasn’t changed! Now as before, most brands want to stand out from the rest. The challenge is how to do that. It’s not always by being louder or more strident. I would say that it’s looking for that simple, creative idea that gets your message across in a concise, memorable way. Most people fear getting it wrong and that fear of making a mistake can push communication into very formulaic and boring territory. Some boldness is necessary.

4) Outside the office, how are you creative in your free time?

Sometimes it’s enough simply to buy that exotic fruit that you have never tasted, and other times it simply consists of moving the furniture around. I spend a lot of time cultivating the trees and plants on my terrace. I love seeing how they change through the seasons.

5) And finally, can you reference something that really inspires you? It can be a book, film or architect… Anything!

It's going to sound a bit strange, but I'm fascinated with Instagram. I arrived late to social networks but there really are true visual geniuses out there. It's amazing what people with a little time and some talent can do, - and with some very democratised tech too! You can do in seconds in Instagram what used to take half a morning in Photoshop!!

If you’d like to hear more, watch Jorge’s 2018 interview here where he provides top tips for redesigning corporate spaces.

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