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Client focused campaigns


More than ever before, B2B marketers must be focused on customers, understanding their thoughts, expectations, aspirations, behaviours and needs.

Amadeus is the leading provider of travel software and technology solutions for the global travel industry. The company came up with an exceptionally innovative way to connect with its clients by providing them with two extremely useful and very sharable studies on potential future customers.

Inherently valuable, these reports – and the engaging and fun campaign around them – showed a deep understanding of customer psychology, and created resonant interactions and sincere client advocacy by being a trusted partner and not simply a technology solutions and travel software provider.

Future Traveller Tribes

Future Traveller Tribes 2030 is a global campaign. Its purpose? To help travel providers, Amadeus’ clients, sell their services more effectively and meet the unique needs of their future customers.

In partnership with Henley Centre HeadlightVision and using social, economic and demographic trends, Amadeus identified six distinct traveller tribes, or types of travellers the global travel industry can expect in the future. These are Obligation Meeters, Simplicity Searchers, Reward Hunters, Social Capital Seekers, Cultural Purists and Ethical Travellers.

The campaign includes a short video, an array of visuals, an online quiz, several infographics, and, of course, the research reports: Building a more rewarding journey and Understanding tomorrow’s traveller.

These two whitepapers not only looked at travel demographics, but also at what would influence and shape emerging travel groups; factors like the impact of low cost carriers, the rising cost of oil and technological advancements in aircraft design.

You can take a look at the full campaign here.

The campaign was incredibly successful.

It garnered the best ever results for Amadeus measured by social media interactions and Google searches, including more than 25,000 online video views.

Curious to learn more? Why not take the quiz and find out what travel tribe you belong to by clicking here?

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