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How B2B Brands Can Use Pop Culture to Build Brand Awareness

Brands are beginning to treat B2B decision-makers like the multi-faceted human beings that they truly are, with lives outside of the office!

Taking a more holistic view of your target market allows for a lot more opportunities to capture their attention and spark a meaningful connection.

One of the best ways to do this is to tap into pop culture and the conversations your prospects are already a part of. Showing cultural awareness instantly gives your messages a boost, thanks to the all-important “relevance” factor.

So what do we mean by pop culture, exactly? Your business could tap into a hotly-anticipated movie release, a new season premiere of a Netflix series, a major sporting event or a topic that is dominating the news headlines at the moment.

Don’t forget, almost every day of the year there is some kind of holiday or awareness day to tap into. Check out Days of the Year if you need a little food for thought - the possibilities are endless!

With this tactic, you can also tap into different types of events to elicit different emotions depending on your goals. Let’s take a look at two very different examples of brands leveraging pop culture.

Taking a tongue in cheek tone, Shutterstock leveraged the infamous Fyre Festival to build buzz around their media library, showing people how they too could create a viral video with their assets. It certainly got people talking and no doubt led to a hike in subscriptions.

On a more serious note, you may have recently spotted some global brands getting involved with the Pride Movement, with many showcasing their LGBT+ employees and changing their profile pictures on social accounts to include rainbow symbolism in support. This is a great example of leveraging pop culture for good.

Whichever route you choose, the trick to making your pop culture tie-in work is to make sure you can directly relate it back to your business and how it can help your target market solve its problems.

Let’s take a look at how a B2B HR Tech company could leverage some recent pop culture trends and events to create some compelling content campaigns:

  • Blog Post: 10 Lessons on Employee Motivation from Game of Thrones

  • eBook: Right Off the Bat - Teamwork Tips from the Cricket World Cup

  • Video: 5 Supercharged Meeting Productivity Tips we Learned from Marvel

  • Podcast Episode: What Lewis Capaldi Taught us About Building Relationships

All of these instances seem much more interesting and relatable to a prospect compared to the vanilla versions without the pop culture references. Would you agree?

Of course with this tactic, timing is everything. It’s important to be prepared for major events in advance, or be agile enough to latch on to breaking news quickly. Investing a just few minutes every day into social media listening can unearth a goldmine of content ideas.

Before you hit publish on any pop culture or newsjacking content, there are some caveats to be aware of. It’s best to steer clear of anything too politically charged, or that relates to tragedy and death. Our best advice is to keep it light and clean!


Would you like us to help you map out a pop-culture content marketing strategy for the next 6 to 12 months?

Get in touch with Philip Martin to discover how DMA Partners can help:

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