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How to make your webinar a success

The world has moved indoors. Homes have become the place we eat, exercise, socialise, learn and work.

Video conferencing programs have soared to the top of app stores as we find new ways to connect, converse and exchange ideas. And webinars have become a meeting ‘hotspot’ for B2B brands to reach-out, develop relationships and stay connected.

So, what are the keys to make your webinars a success?


1) Define your topic and goal – Fantastic content is key, so put it first.

a. What you would like to talk about and why?

b. Which panellists do you want?

c. Are they real experts on the topic?

d. Who is going to watch or listen to your webinar?

e. Is your content truly relevant to them?

2) Decide on the format – Together with your panellists define exactly how you are going to format the discussion.

a. Will it be a roundtable?

b. A Q&A?

c. What will the running order be?

d. Will there be a timer on each person speaking?

e. Will the webinar be live or pre-recorded?

f. Are you going to release a recorded version of the webinar afterwards?

g. Finally, think about the visual components of the webinar. What is your webinar going to look like? Prepare any slides, speaker backgrounds or images to use during the webinar.

3) Promotion – Make a creative ad for your webinar and post it on all your digital channels. Align the ad with your audience and make registration easy.


Now it’s the day and time of your webinar. You´re about to go live!

Get your microphone and visual background ready, and lock your door if you can.

Look directly at the camera as you speak. Smile, speak slowly with positive energy. People have signed up because they´re interested in what you have to say, but with 8 seconds being the average human attention span – keep it light and concise.

Leave time for questions. Q&As are a great chance to genuinely connect with people and make connections.


Be sure to build on all of the leads and connections you have just made.

  • Summarise the most important takeaways from your webinar and create an infographic, report or even a summary video with the key messages. This will be a great way to ensure all of the great content in your webinar does not get wasted!

  • Connect with your attendees, reach-out to them afterwards and send them a message thanking them for attending. Include speaker contact details and bios so that attendees can get in touch.

  • Feedback – ask attendees what they liked about the webinar and what they felt you could improve on for next time.

  • Convert – You can easily transform the content in your webinar into a podcast or a blog post by recording the webinar as you go along.

  • Be inspired – many new questions, topics and content will arise from the great conversations you have during the seminar. This provides the perfect base to follow-up on for your next webinar.

Now you have all the tools to make a great webinar. Good luck! Let us know how your webinars go at:


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