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Marketing improvisation

One thing that helped me present or look for innovation in a marketing campaign was the improvisation classes I took when starting out in amateur dramatics.

Within all the disorder and spontaneity there was a method. Just a few simple techniques to keep on track and the content just flows. 

Marketers can learn from the improv performance world by coming up with fresh, funny ideas and seeing how their audience reacts. The results may be surprising, but not taking a risk means you will never find out.

By trying new and unexpected things with marketing content, marketers can connect with audiences in new ways.

At first try small less risky things, such as an internal company event. Once you just put it out there you can get feedback and assess results, the proof is always in the pudding, seeing how people react - If you go out there and test it you will find that customers are going to gravitate towards the things that completely blow through their expectations, it's going to delight.

Remember, people aren't chasing products, what they're chasing is the fulfilment of a human need. If we can remember as marketers that when somebody makes the commitment to buy, they're buying credibility or visibility, go on, surprise them with a little improv.

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