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Reasons to be cheerful, part 1

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

It’s easy to feel down at the moment. 

The world feels angry. Big things are happening and we don’t have a lot of control.  

In the megaphone supercharged and amplified world of social media, nuance has gone missing. Twitter once invited us to “join the conversation”. It doesn’t feel much like a conversation, more like multiple sets of rival football supporters yelling at each other, except without the 90 minute limit.

Meanwhile, back in the real world people are getting ill. Some are dying. 

Economies are suffering. Many are losing their jobs. Behind the numbers of collapsing GDPs there are real people with real problems.


There is a but.

We humans are survivors. We know how to fix things.

We have no choice.

We can’t emigrate (yet) to any other planet so we need to make this one work. 

And it will.

We need to change some things and we need to leave some others well alone.

But I think we’re smart enough to know the difference.

Yes.  I’m going to be cheerful.

Here are some of my reasons...

A Kind of Blue by Miles Davis sounds as wonderful as it ever did.

Book cover design.  

The smell of paper.

Cold beer. 

Morning half-light silhouetting the trees outside the window. 

Radio which did not get killed by video (you see, some things, change some things don’t) despite the predictions.

True listening that leaves others feeling reborn.

The smell of coffee.




There are many more reasons to be cheerful.

What are yours?


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