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Simple things


It’s 11 years since I founded DMA Partners.  It’s been a wonderful journey.  When we look back we get a real tingle of pride from all the work that we’ve done, places we’ve travelled and clients that we’ve met.  Most of all it’s been fantastic to have had so many colleagues over the years and to build a team of talented people.

Communication today is more social and more fragmented than ‘back in the day’ but more than ever, there’s a need for ‘Simple Thinking’.  Those two words summarise our approach, - looking for the essential truth about a brand, a product or service and then telling the story in a simple and compelling way. 

Our specialism is B2B marketing communication, working with clients in a wide variety of business sectors (technology, professional services, pharmaceutical, telecoms, travel) to launch products, position their brands, communicate with employees….It’s called B2B but in the end we really believe it comes down to 'person to person’ communication.

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