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Stepping into the client's shoes


Having been on the client’s side for many years, I can appreciate the subtle and different needs of the marketing head, the business leader and the sales go-getter. Agencies that have an understanding for the business drivers and the person’s aspirations, expectations and objectives can empathise and deliver the creative work that matches those expectations.

One aspect I used to enjoy as a client, was the anticipation of the first presentation of a new creative concept, I would sit on the edge of my seat looking up, like a puppy waiting to be patted, or fed or thrown a ball. When it was delivered, my mind raced, I started to think up more ideas and then visualise each option and how it would work in a campaign or project. I would usually take a mix of the concepts because I always liked to see the positive of a concept. It helped to motivate the agency so that we worked closer on the final product.

I always tried to go with the flow and gut instinct of what would work. Most of the time we were right, most of the time we had done our homework in advance, so we were prepared for how the concepts would be accepted in front of the customer.

If I’ve learnt anything from being a client, is that it can be lots of fun working with agencies, it’s the moment to combine expertise, knowledge and skills, feeding off each other to create that final great result.

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