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The 3 Critical Components of Captivating Internal Communications Campaigns

With so much emphasis being placed on the customer-facing aspects of business communications, marketers often struggle to find the resources to support other departments in crafting captivating internal communication campaigns.

Internal communication campaigns (whether for the purposes of CPD, employee benefit schemes or simply to build a company culture), can benefit greatly by having a “marketer’s hand” in their development and execution.

For example, we recently worked with Smiths Group on the relaunch of their employee Sharesave scheme. We helped the team develop new, redesigned communications materials, supported by an explanatory animated video & a CEO interview. As a result, participation in the scheme increased by almost 8%. Take a look at the case study in full here.

So how did we do it? We believe that there are three critical components involved in creating and executing winning internal communication campaigns...

1. Mesmerising Messaging

Let’s be honest… How many times have you immediately deleted an internal email without even opening it? We’re guessing more than once!

This is where mesmerising messaging comes into play. Your email subject lines need to pique curiosity to compel employees to click through and actually read the content you’re sending them.

Here are a few examples of catchy email subject lines that work:

  • Exciting new employee benefit - claim your access code now!

  • Things are changing here at (Company Name). Are you in?

  • (First Name), a personal message from (Company CEO)

  • (First Name), did you miss this in the canteen earlier?

2. Eye-Catching Visuals

If your employees are confronted with huge slabs of text when they open their email or login to the latest compulsory e-learning module, they’ll be instantly turned off.

The solution? Eye-catching visuals which enhance your employees’ experience when consuming content.

Most people prefer to consume information supported by, or composed in an entirely visual format. Think infographics, videos and exciting still images that tell a story in their own right.

If you are building out a specific campaign for an internal scheme, it could be a wise move to give it it’s own branding. This will boost employee recall and help to build more buzz around your offering.

3. Dazzling Deployment

Email is often used to deliver internal communications, but have you considered whether another method could be more beneficial?

For example, you could create a much more interactive campaign if you were to create a dedicated landing page for it on your company intranet.

Here, you can boost employee engagement with your campaign by inviting employees to watch videos, answer polls, submit anonymous feedback, take quizzes and so much more. Way more entertaining than simply reading an email, right?

Again, it all goes back to “employee experience” and having a marketer’s eye on this aspect can make for a much more educational, entertaining and memorable experience all-round.


Could your internal communications campaigns benefit from an upgrade to boost employee engagement? Get in touch with Philip Martin to discover how we can help:

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