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Award winning workplace

We’re thrilled to share that we have been awarded an ‘Honourable Mention’ prize in the Interior Design / Workplaces category at The American Architecture Prize awards 2017.

The American Architecture Prize’s purpose is to recognise leading design work in the fields of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture to help enhance public appreciation of these subjects.

Every entry was judged across 3 principles by a highly respected jury panel. The principles are Design Excellence, Innovation and Function.

The honourable mention we received recognises the interior remodelling work we have accomplished for Deloitte España. Our designs have been rolled out in Deloitte’s offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and many other Spanish cities over the past 4 years.

Deloitte España first engaged us in 2014 with the brief of transforming their working environment and visual identity through innovative interior design. After a period of growth and transformation, Deloitte required nationwide office environments that portrayed their reputation as a world-class company to prospective clients, whilst also expressing their company culture to increase the sense of belonging amongst employees.

With these objectives in mind, DMA Partners applied a methodical yet flexible approach to each specific situation:

  1. Design a workspace that achieves the technical and functional needs.

  2. Create a unique, distinct physical environment that motivates both employees and visitors.

  3. Take advantage of the investment in infrastructure to broadcast the brand in future communication.

  4. Propose designs to make the most out of the space, as offices are powerful sales tools.

The cutting-edge physical spaces have included waiting rooms, corridors, meeting rooms and canteens. All of these areas have been transformed by design ideas ranging from wall infographic vinyls and carved wooden motivational quotes to showroom-style furniture. Each and every single detail was carefully selected to achieve the goals set out in the brief.

The positive impact of the new office spaces has been recognised throughout all levels of the company, from junior employees to the President of Deloitte España.

“Our new offices accurately reflect our values and our culture of the office, offering our lawyers a workspace that allows them to continue to meet our commitment to clients and encourage their professional and personal development.”

- Luis Fernando Guerra, Managing Partner of Deloitte Abogados -

- Fernando Ruiz, President of Deloitte Spain, presents Deloitte Greenhouse, a space designed to encourage innovation in companies. -

Moving forward, we continue to work with Deloitte España as the remodelling project evolves to encompass more office spaces, enabling Deloitte to truly stand out from the crowd and enhance their powerful brand.


Does your workspace require a makeover that exudes both form and function? Discover how we could help you develop a workplace that inspires and delights by contacting our Managing Partner, Philip Martin, at

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