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THETA: Seeing the future, taking you there

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Everybody is taking about ‘digital transformation’. There’s a lot of theory out there. But what does it mean in practice?v

What is the starting point? How can businesses choose the right IT, software and digital solutions from the thousands on the market? What will have the greatest and fastest business impact?

THETA is a new kind of digital solutions advisor that cuts through the jargon and delivers the high-impact digital transformations that make the critical business difference. THETA chose to work with DMA Partners to develop and sharpen their visual brand identity and messaging. After an amazing interactive workshop with the THETA team, DMA developed a potent story with a simple summary tagline; ‘Seeing the future, taking you there.

That’s exactly what THETA does for its clients through its services of; business process strategy, software development, solution integration and websites & apps. Put it all together and it’s a potent offer that is making a positive impact on THETA clients across business sectors as diverse as travel, finance and manufacturing.

It’s been a pleasure for us to work with THETA and we’re continuing to work on new communication together and elevating their visual identity for roll out this year. Recently THETA became a Blue Fund partner of the Monaco Economic Board following the launch of their new Brand positioning - watch this space!Check out more info here:

Access full case study below.

DMA Case Study - Theta 2021
Download PDF • 330KB

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