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Things that make us happy

It was World Mental Health day yesterday. Instead of repeating other articles which give tips on improving mental health, we thoughts we’d just share 5 things that make us smile, improve our mental health.

1) That first sip of coffee in the morning

Taking time to enjoy your coffee and collect your thoughts sets you up for a new day. There’s something so calming about having a moment to gather your thoughts.

2) Cute dogs

99% of the office are dog people. We’ve decided dogs are great because they represent unconditional affection. Here are some of our most loved dogs. Our petition to expand the DMA staff to incorporate dogs is pending.

3) Little notes from colleagues

Part of the fun of working in an office is the ability to communicate with your colleagues, sometimes this takes less conventional forms!

4) The snack cupboard

We find half of office conflict can be solved by a biscuit and a strong cup of tea.

5) The splashes of yellow all over the office which remind us that we can make our own sunshine!

These are just a few DMA-specific sources of happiness that we hope will inspire you to smile. Afterall, it’s Friday.

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