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Top Tips and Tricks to Boost your e-Learning Engagement

Developing a successful e-Learning course takes investment. It needs to be worth the time and money spent and engage as many of your employees as possible. But getting it right can be tricky and very costly if it´s wrong, especially when it comes to writing your content. 

When you first start pulling your content together, it may seem that every detail of the subject material is equally as important to include. But too much information can be overwhelming and we´ve all experienced that sinking feeling after seeing an article of lengthy text that you have read – that feeling wouldn’t bode well for high engagement. 


It´s sometimes difficult to distinguish the key information from the supporting material, so here are some top tips and tricks to help ease the content writing process, from helping to drill down to your key content to boosting the engagement of your e-Learning. 

Put yourself in the learner's shoes. 

Think back to the time when you were learning the information for the first time and ask yourself: 

What was most useful to know? 

What advice helped you the most? 

And was there anything you wish you had learnt sooner? 

The answers to these three questions should form the backbone of your key content to help avoid overloading your program with too much information.

Set clear learning objectives. 

It may sound obvious but setting clear learning objectives right from the start not only helps the learner but can help you, as the writer, with the content. Ensuring all of the information you write, directly links back to the learning objective helps keep you on track to only include the key content.

Create short and sweet modules. 

So now you´ve got all of your key content collected in one place and it probably still looks a like a bit of an intimidating read. Splitting your program into short bite-sized modules is a vital step in your content organisation. Even the heaviest of topics can be synthesised into 10-minute modules that not only fit nicely into spare time but are also far more motivating to complete.


Don´t forget what e-Learning is about.

Gone are the days when you can only learn by reading a book. That´s what is so great about e-Learning, there are so many different tools available to support your content, so make the most of them. A good mix of text, video, voiceover, games and quizzes are not only more engaging but also are proven to increase knowledge retention by 25%. Also, these different types of tools can help you communicate with those people who have a disability, such as hard of hearing or impaired vision.

Investing time in developing your e-Learning is important to ensure you get it just right. But hopefully, armed with these tips and tricks, the task of writing your content won´t be long and tenuous but rather, as short and sweet as the modules you´re creating.

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