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Repurposing: the secret to making more impact with less content

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In the current economic climate, this year is likely to be another year where marketers need to learn how to do more with less.

Perhaps your marketing budget has been slashed, or it may be that your in-house headcount has dropped, but despite these challenges, the show must go on.

That means you need a solution that will allow you to squeeze every last drop of value from the resources you do have.

That’s where content repurposing comes in.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is the art of repackaging and reimagining your content.

It’s not simply copying and pasting your content on another platform, but rather but reworking it to create a new piece entirely, or indeed several new pieces.

For example, let’s say you host a monthly webinar. You can repurpose the recording of each of those webinars into many new content pieces, as shown in the diagram below.

What are the benefits of content repurposing?

People prefer to consume information in different ways. Some prefer to listen to podcasts while in the gym. Others sit down to watch a video over a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, others like to scroll through their LinkedIn feed as they unwind on the sofa in the evening. Content repurposing allows your business to engage with all these people, exactly how they like it.

As well as being able to cater to every content consumption preference, content repurposing allows you to reach more people on more digital platforms and enjoy a sense of omnipresence online.

For example, a podcast you publish on Spotify could be turned into a series of smaller audio clips that you can turn into audiograms you share on social media. Ultimately, teaser clips like the below example from McKinsey & Company will lead more people to check out the original podcast episode.

Content repurposing can also boost your SEO since you’ll have more assets linking back to your core content. It can also increase the lifespan of your content, breathing new life into your evergreen content and allowing your core messages to remain top of mind.

We’ve saved the best benefits until last. Content repurposing will allow you to save time and money. You can finally get off the costly content production treadmill and focus on quality and distribution over quantity.

What’s the best type of content to repurpose?

While almost any type of long-form content can be repurposed, video is definitely king.

This is because the video format gives you the most opportunity for creating new assets.

With that being said, any piece of content (be it written, audio, visual or video) can be repurposed into another format.

The possibilities are endless if you’re creative enough!

So there you have it - the secret to achieving more results with less content!

After completing an increasing number of content repurposing projects recently, we’re ready to show you how you can amplify the impact of your content marketing strategy.

Please reach out to us to explore how you can get started with content repurposing.


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